Episode 083: Only Daddy Likes Baseball

Matthew and Toby record a new episode during a particularly stressful Sunday afternoon, going around the horn on the beauty of baseball crowds (with internet assists from past guests Peter Bondi and Kelly Kreft), Puig Fever in Cleveland, and avoiding sweeps. And the boys finally get the technology to cooperate to have Joe Rospars, CEO of Blue State Digital and advisor to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, on for a Half-Hearted Attempt at Empathy.

Episode 081: My British Pants

Matthew and Toby keep the streak going because not recording on a weekly basis could displease the baseball gods. The boys go around the horn about their teams’ recent performance and other ridiculous heat waves, Boston playing under protest, Trea Turner hitting for the cycle (again), and major heel turns by the Yankees and Twins pitching staffs. This one wraps with some fairly mild wish lists for the trade deadline.

Next time, Battery Mates will discuss their baseball bucket lists. What do you want to see in person before you’re banned from baseball?

Episode 078: Sans the Hat

Matthew and Toby talk baseball for the second time in a week and go around the horn about Toby’s decision to switch hats, Matthew’s trips to D.C. for live baseball during the Nats’ recent turnaround, the latest bonkers thing Max Scherzer did, the New York Times coverage of Trevor Bauer and his new marketing company, and the ridiculous proposal being floated to have the Tampa Bay franchise split time in Montreal.

The boys wrap the show with a deeper dive on Dock Ellis, whose known mostly for throwing a no-hitter while under the influence of LSD. For more, listeners should definitely check out No-No: A Dockumentary.

Episode 077: It's Called Home Schooling, Not Clubhouse Schooling

Matthew and Toby are live from Boston’s Fenway Park—well, at least to start the episode. Audio issues forced a scrapping of the bulk of the recording. (Imagine a conference call with people in a wind storm. It’s like that, except instead of wind, it’s Boston fans yelling and two people who don’t really know how to use their travel recorder.) Luckily, for Battery Mates Nation, the boys picked the ball up two weeks later to finish the episode: recapping the Fenway visit, discussing the state of their teams, and providing an exciting/bizarre update in the exciting/bizarre saga of Drake LaRoche.

Lastly, a research project for everyone: Which team does each presidential candidate root for? Sure, policies matter, and the debates are important. But this a fundamental measure of character.

Episode 076: A T-Ball Team from Westchester

Matthew and Toby go around the horn for the first time since the season started. After checking in on the Nats and Clevelands, Matthew fills Battery Mates Nation in on why he’s getting emotional about sports these days. The boys chit-chat about the new rules MLB announced for this season before a Half-Hearted Attempt at Empathy with Rob Flaherty, a fan of the reigning champion (and currently 4th place) Boston Red Sox. Among other things, Rob dishes about what it’s like to go to a Norwich City football game with Matthew.

PSA: How to enter the 2019 Preseason Predictions Contest

It’s a week out from Opening Day 2019, which means it’s also time for our annual Battery Mates Nation Preseason Predictions Contest. It's almost too easy to enter—all you need to do is use your "Voice Memo” (or other sound recording device) to answer these six questions:

1. Who are you?

2. Who's your team?

3. How many games will your team win in 2019?

4. Will they make the playoffs?

5. Which two teams will play in the World Series?

6. Which of those two teams will win the World Series?

Then, and this is the critical step:

Send that audio file to thebatterymates@gmail.com by end of the day on Monday, March 25th, to make sure your entry is included in the Opening Day episode. That’s it. And it’s worth noting that the contest winners get a pretty neat prize*, too.

So go get your predictions together and enter! And good luck to all in the upcoming baseball season.

* Just don’t expect it to arrive punctually.

Episode 073: Bonkers Baseball

Matthew and Toby decide it’s time to record an episode, now that players who actually have contracts have shown up for spring training. The boys go around the horn on: the sudden Britton name change; the Cubs' TV deal with the devil/Sinclair Broadcast Group; ex-bae Trevor having a lot to say about his most recent arbitration hearing; and a whole host of potential rule changes being considered by players and owners. And Toby falls for several Bryce Harper rumors. 

Episode 072: The Ooffseason

Matthew and Toby return for the first episode since the World Series to discuss what’s transpired, announce who won the 2018 preseason predictions contest, and debate whether this is indeed the fourth season of the show.

Justin Barasky, campaign manager for Sen. Sherrod Brown’s successful 2018 campaign and soon-to-be new father, joins for a Half-Hearted Attempt at Empathy to talk about the Cleveland baseball club’s eventful offseason and give a little insight into how his boss is going about making a big decision.

Episode 071: Why Would Anyone Listen to This?

Matthew and Toby reluctantly record a show about a postseason that has passed them by. A few highlights from the various series make the show barely palatable, and a mixed, Very Half-Hearted Attempt at Empathy invites a few Dodgers fans to comment on the state of the World Series. And Toby updates Battery Mates Nation on a lot of things that have happened in the life of their ex Trevor.

(Editor’s note: This episode was recorded while there were still double-digits of innings left to play in Game 3.)

Episode 070: Send Big Papi Out on a High Note

Matthew and Toby catch up after a September hiatus to recap the end of the regular season and preview a drama-filled Monday in the National League. The boys go Three Up, Three Down on Toby catching a foul ball (!), the Red Sox Division Champions banner literally falling off a truck, whether it’s “fair” that the Yankees could win 100 games and be sent home after a one-game playoff, the beautiful ball thrown back by a fan that pegged Giancarlo Stanton on his home-run trot, Wahoo’s quiet end, and one final look at Bryce Harper’s selfishness index.

There’s a very (half-)heartfelt Half Hearted Attempt at Empathy, followed by some sure-to-be-immediately-and-gloriously-wrong predictions about the postseason.

Episode 068: Bad Words Bears

Matthew and Toby dive into a rousing Three Up, Three Down on what the Nats and Clevelands did at the trade deadline, a rash of players' old, awful tweets coming to light, advice for taking a 4-month old to the ballgame, the Astros’ meaningless “zero tolerance” policy, and the odd exhausting experience of watching a game exclusively available on Facebook.

Kate Stayman-London joins in to discuss the 1976 classic Bad News Bears in another edition of Battery Mates at the Movies.  

Episode 067: A Baseball Lord of the Flies

With just about a week to go before the trade deadline, Matthew and Toby catch up on what’s been going on—and throw the ball around the horn on Bryce Harper in the home run *darby*, the Clevelands having one of the best left sides of an infield in baseball history, Supreme Court nominee’s Brett Kavanaugh’s suspicious Nats tickets debt, and Larry Doby making it on to a U.S. coin. 

Matthew sits down (or, precisely, sat down last winter) with Democratic communications guru Stephanie Cutter about her lifelong Red Sox fanhood in the illustrious return of a Half-Hearted Attempt at Empathy. 

Episode 066: Donald Trump's Origin Story

Matthew and Toby go around the horn on the NL getting closer to adding the DH, Cleveland getting a Bieber, Bryce Harper putting up a historically selfish season, Staten Island's temporary rebrand, and the two teams in baseball who have never held a Pride Night.

Kate Stayman-London leads a sure-to-be-unpopular discussion of The Sandlot for the latest segment of Battery Mates at the Movies. And Matthew previews a hot new chant he penned for his trip to the Nats game.

Episode 065: There Was No Candy Crush

Matthew and Toby marvel over Bartolo Colon on his 45th birthday and go around the horn about Roy Gleason, the only MLB player to be wounded while serving in Vietnam; juiced balls vs. juiced players; Rizzo’s dirty slide in Pittsburgh; and the Sergio Romo experiment in Tampa. 

Kate Stayman-London joins for another edition of Battery Mates at the Movies to discuss the 2008 film Sugar. (Warning: This episode features spoilers and a brief mention of Ryan Gosling.)