Episode 006: Don't Mention Goats

Matthew and Toby tackle some real heady subjects, from the President’s Cuba trip to whether a mime doing calisthenics is the jinx we all know is coming for the 2016 Chicago Cubs. Things get heated over if/when it’s ever appropriate to do the wave at a game. And guest—former White House digital strategist and Red Sox fan Erin Lindsay—confesses something dark in her baseball past.

Oh, and there’s a call to action, too. Record your 2016 MLB predictions for a very special Opening Day episode. Here's what to do: 

1. Open up Voice Memo or your preferred audio recording application. 

2. Record yourself saying these things: 

  • Your name
  • Your team
  • How many games you think they'll win this season
  • How far they'll go
  • Who do you think plays in the World Series? And who wins?

Example: "Hi, I'm Jeff, and I'm a Dodgers fan. I think my team will win 65 games this season after Clayton Kershaw decides to retire mid-season to pursue a film career. So they'll end up in last place. I have the Astros and the Giants in the World Series, and I think the Astros sweep them because screw the Giants and their even-numbered-year streak."

3. Send it to us before Thursday, March 31st. Just send us the audio file -- the email address is thebatterymates@gmail.com.

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