Episode 040: One in 131,204

Matthew and Toby kick off Season Two by going around the horn—touching on Yoan Moncada’s diet of up to 85 Twinkies a week, Baby McG's first baseball game (!) featuring the LIU Blackbirds against the Manhattan Jaspers, Mariano Rivera’s closers summit with Donald Trump, and the breaking news that the President is too much of a scaredy cat to throw out a first pitch on Opening Day.  

Steve Krupin—Sports Illustrated’s "unluckiest fan in America” and former speechwriter for Harry Reid, John Kerry, and Barack Obama—joins in for the new season’s first Half-Hearted Attempt at Empathy.

Don't forget to get your 2017 season predictions in by the end of March (local time) so they're part of the big Opening Day special. (It's easy—here are the Instructions.)