Episode 061: MLB Dot MLB Dot Com Slash MLB Slash Pace-of-Play

Matthew and Toby get a little practice in by covering a whole bunch of spring-training topics, including: how Major League Baseball fought segregation by threatening to pull spring training out of Florida, Mike Moustakas’ lol of an offseason and suspicion of *collusion* in free agency, MLB’s response to the Parkland shooting, and Trevor Bauer’s latest antics. It also turns out that Matthew’s still upset about pace-of-play rule changes and Toby wants to call your attention to the fact that the Nats are practicing walk-off home run celebrations

It's also time for our 2018 Preseason Predictions Contest. It's easy to enter—here's all you need to do. Use "Voice Memo” or another way to record an audio file and answer these six questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Who's your team?
3. How many games will your team win in 2018?
4. How far will they go this season? Will they miss the playoffs? Wild Card? LCS? 
5. Which two teams will play in the World Series? 
6. Who will win the World Series?

Then, and this is the critical step: Send that audio file to thebatterymates@gmail.com before 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, March 24th to make sure it's included in our Opening Day episode.