Episode 028: I Didn't Want to Bite My Toilet

Matthew and Toby are back for the final episode of the regular season, to Battery Mates Nation’s preseason predictions, give a shout-out to some of the best and worst prognosticators, and look ahead at the playoff series on the immediate horizon. Three Up, Three Down topics include the amount of alcohol being sprayed during divisional championship celebrations, the showdown aspect of Game 162, updates on Cleveland’s Yan Gomes and Trevor Bauer, and the World Baseball Classic qualifying round in Brooklyn last month. Your hosts also take time at the start of the program to talk about the sudden, heartbreaking death of Jose Fernandez.

The end of the regular season also brings with it an announcement of who won Battery Mates’ contest for a David Axelrod-signed baseball. (Now, if only they'd please identify themselves.)

Programming Note: The plan is to feature playoff update episodes between each set of series -- expect the next after the Division Series wraps up. Godspeed to all you fans of the Orioles, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Rangers, Mets, Giants, and Dodgers. An early, but also overdue congratulations to fans of the Cubs for your inevitable billy goat-busting World Series championship. And a tip o' the cap to Cleveland and Washington fans for being on the right side of history.