Episode 027: The Mission Statement Includes Some Stretch Targets

Matthew and Toby dive right into this one with a discussion of Adam Jones’ powerful comments on race and protest in baseball. Toby reports on the dramatic fallout from a Cleveland beat writer’s hot take. (You’ll be happy to know that Trevor Bauer plays a prominent role in that one.) Other topics covered include the national treasure that is Harry Reid, how awful national broadcasters are to teams that aren’t the Yankees or Red Sox, A.J. Preller’s 30-game suspension, and David Axelrod’s great piece on the Cubs in the New Yorker (which he previewed thoroughly back in Episode 016). The program welcomes Tigers fan Tim Skoczek for a half-hearted attempt at empathy, which is more than most Tigers fans deserve. Finally, here’s your reminder to go review Battery Mates on iTunes to be entered for a ball signed by David Axelrod himself. The last day to enter is October 1st.